Eucalyptus Ring for Terry


We can hand engrave any special message into your Jeanette Dyke piece of jewellery, to give your exquisite piece that personal touch
Please email info@jeanettedyke for a quote with the following information

1. Send me a picture of your item
2. The text or image you require
3. List where you want the text/image
4. What font you would like
5. Capital letters or lower case letters
6. Let me know of any deadlines for your engraving


If our turnaround time is too long for you, you could use quicker, cheaper machine engraving, which I don't do
The difference between hand engraving and machine engraving is quite remarkable
Machine engraved items lack life and are flat
Hand engraved items show every movement the hand engraver has done with the chisel
These chiseled cuts reflect light and sparkle, giving them life and soul

Please note that we dont offer this service for jewellery that has not been made by Jeanette Dyke