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  1. I just completed the 'Complete Beginners Jewellery' classes, Jeanette was very helpful, experienced and approachable. I made a ring and a pendant, i asked a lot of questions, Jeanette did not hesitate in answering, it was a wonderful experience and hope to continue with extra classes.  Danny

  2. Thanks so much Jeanette for the incredibly enjoyable 4 lessons I had at your studio, what a magical place. It was lovely to meet you and hear your story too. Hoping to take another class in the future.


    Lucy Bransom 

  3. Jeanette's classes were perfect for me as a beginner. She takes you from start to end to create  beautiful jewellery that I was able to design myself which made the process even more exciting. I enjoyed my beginners class so much I went on to do her silver ring class and will be back to have private lessons for stone setting! Highly recommended to anyone interested in learning to make jewellery. Steph. 

  4. I recently completed  a four week class to make a  silver ring with Jeanette at the beautiful surrounds of Monsalvat. I was immediatly won over by Jeanette's good humour and ability to share her knowledge generously. Each class provided the opportunity to learn a new skill, and Saturday mornings quickly became the high light of my week. Jeanette guided the class with professionalism and  patience so each participant produced a beautiful and wearable piece of jewellery by the end.

  5. I couldn't think of any other place to learn the basics of jewellery making. The location is gorgeous and I felt at home as soon as I walked into the workshop.  Jeanette is a wonderful and very patient teacher and never batted an eye at my endless questions.  The course content was pefectly balanced between teaching various skills and techniques and also letting us have creative freedom to design our own pieces.  You know you are in good hands when you look at Jeanette's portfolio.  Stunning work.

    Thank you Jeanette for a very enjoyable 5 weeks, I hope to be back if you do another flush stone setting course.


    1. The classes and the experience were amazing. Jeanette shared her extensive experience knowledge and skills with the class and tailored her advice for the individual's own project. She was helpful and very patient with her students. The equipment and facilities were well set up and safety was paramount. I would recommend the class to anyone who wants to learn something new and make a gorgeous piece of jewellery. I will be back!

  6. Jeanette not only creates beautiful jewellery, she also has the ability to share her skills with patience, gifting each student individual guidance and ideas for unique designs, passing on her knowledge with passion and enthusiasm. I have only just finished the Silver Ring class and I am already enrolled in the Silver Pendant and Earring class. As someone who doesn't consider themselves "arty", I thoroughly enjoyed Jeanette's classes – and whether for relaxation and fun or as a potential career change, I guarantee you'll find something new and inspiring in her classes. 

  7. Complete Beginners Jewellery – I found the classes to be very usefull and interesting. The teaching areas are well set out, making it easy to complete the projects. The demonstrations are well structured and Jeanette's support and guidance was given freely and patiently. I feel I now have a foundation to build on. Best wishes Paul  

  8. Yesterday, Jeanette tutored me in a private lesson, setting faceted stones, in her wonderful studio. From the moment I stepped in the door, I felt welcomed and a rapport with Jeanette. Generous with information and knowledge, Jeanette provided clear and precise instructions, which I found to be invaluable. With one on one supervision, I received extremely helpful suggestions, regarding my technique and handling of tools. I received valuable advice about the use of different torches, flux and set up of work stations.
    I highly recommend Jeanette’s workshops/private lessons.

  9. Highly recommend this class for anyone from complete beginners to highly experienced. It's a class of five and Jeanette is incredibly clever and gives everyone individual help when needed. Not to mention the classes are taken on beautiful grounds! Such a fun and inspiring experience jumping straight into hands on work.

  10. Jeanette was extremely helpful and knowledgable in my private lesson with her. She tailored the class to match and build on the skills that I already have, and provided me with many tips and tricks to get me started on my path to becoming a jeweller one day.
    She was also very helpful in suggesting suppliers and places to find the tools I need to get started at a decent price. I will be back!

  11. I have now completed two of Jeanette’s jewellery making courses and have loved every minute. Stepping inside her beautiful studio at Montsalvat is a treat in itself! Jeanette manages to break down complex tasks into simple step by step processes making the most daunting parts of jewellery making accessible to all abilities. The small class size means lots of one-on-one attention and results in a satisfying finished product with lots of new skills picked up along the way.  

  12. I just wanted to say thank so much for such a fantastic last four weeks. I have learned so much from you and I am still so very tempted to try and cram report writing and another of your jewellery courses in together.
    Your wonderful studio, your generosity and definitive expertise made the experience the highlight of my year and has reminded me of how much I miss being a fine arts student. I also wanted to say that the little pusher tool I made, short though it was, worked perfectly! I was able to easily set the green chrysoprase stone in the ring I made at home after sawing the side of the knob that was going to be in the way and finishing the sharp edges with emery paper. 
    Thanks for the encouragement – especially with my experiments at setting glass, I think I will go back to exploring those forms, the things I have learned with you will definitely help me to solve some of the issues I had with making them.

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